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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Blockchain Revolution in Digital Display Advertising


AdSigma is the next generation Digital Display Advertising platform that is carefully driving blockchain technology to revolutionize the digital display advertising space. 

We aim to disrupt the existing digital advertising space and address the significant problems it faces, such as unreasonable commission, lack of negotiation power and a shortage of choice for the publishers and advertisers. In an industry where Ad Networks are having revenue of over $200 billion, we recognize the need to provide an alternative platform which works in favor of the advertisers and the publishers with ZERO fee.

All the ADSi token holders shall experience quality service and will be benefited from the various perquisites of holding our token. We firmly believe in the idea and have confidence in our vision. With our team members stemming from diverse fields like finance, software development, digital advertising and blockchain/cryptography, we have achieved a competitive market position, and we are already set on a path of converting our vision into reality.

Note: The text of this Whitepaper (in the English language) takes precedence as the main
official source of information about AdSigma services and ADSi tokens. Translation of the Whitepaper into other languages is provided for informational purposes only. 


Post introduction of the internet, digitization has affected almost everything and everyone in a manner that has revolutionized the market structure. The traditional market structure is no more an option to lead any business.  

The traditional markets are :

       - Restricted in terms of their duration in work and also place  
       - Catering to a limited clientel 
       - Offering an insufficient variety 
       - Failing to create a stronger brand image.

Overcoming the above concerns, the internet has let everyone to cross the traditional
barriers and to step forward towards globalization.

Growth of the Interne 

There were over 3.2 billion users who had access to the internet in 2015, which is very high as compared to 738 million users in 2000, as per ITU. In 104 countries, more than 80% of the youth population is online. In developed countries, 94% of young people aged 15-24 use the Internet[2]. Owing to the online presence of the people at large and aforementioned limitations of traditional markets, over the last two decades, we have seen a shift of businesses from physical markets to digital markets. Marketers have shifted to internet-based platforms to pitch their product/service.

Businesses Going Online

The offline businesses make excessive investment in expensive retail spaces. As a result, the operating costs are on the higher side for an offline business. The online business of any venture is a low-cost structure. 

By shifting their business online, big companies benefit from managing 3 major activities:

      - Inventory control
      - Payroll
      - Finance.

Small businesses can reach a worldwide audience through simple e-commerce websites. An online venture offers convenience to customers, who can browse product reviews and place orders at their leisure.

Why Is There A Need for Online Marketing?

People are rapidly adopting an online ad revenue based model to run their businesses. Having merely an online presence isn't enough for a business to leverage the advantages of internet. In order to reach a mass audience and to achieve the business goals, it is essential to take adequate marketing decisions which best suits the organization and is further based on accurate statistical criteria. Selection of the most suitable marketing channel is a multi-dimensional aspect. 

There are various influencers to the decision, some of the most effective are:

      - Demographic factors,
      - Geographical factors,
      - Cost of advertisement,
      - Turnover rate, 
      - Bounce rate.

As per, E-commerce is growing by 23% percent each year; 53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. 

As per, internet advertising revenues surpassed TV ad revenues in 2017[3]and alone in the United States, internet advertising revenues totaled $83.0 billion, a 14% rise from the previous year. The increasing craze for the internet-based advertisements pose an attractive opportunity for the publishers.

Our Vision

We, at AdSigma, aim to restructure the existing arrangement in business model by removing the need for the middleman that exists in the form of ad networks, and help the publishers and advertisers to get the best out of online advertisements. We want to provide the benefit that publishers and advertisers receive from the ad networks but without making them pay for it and to let them relish the privileges of a B2B model alongside.

How will the Use Of Blockchain Technology be Beneficial?

Blockchain is best known for the quality deliverance of A-I-V:  

      - Authenticity
      - Irreversibility
      -  Validity earmarks tagged to a transaction

We can use this technology to fulfill our vision of establishing a direct contract between the advertiser and publisher. While blockchain will ensure a secure transaction between the parties, we will ensure the credibility of the advertisementand make sure that an appropriate advertisement is displayed on the publisher's property. We will eliminate any ad content that does not comply with the standards. Since the contract will be entered on blockchain and the consideration will be a cryptocurrency, i.e., ADSi tokens, there is no chance of default from the advertiser, and since there is a proof of a valid transaction entered between the two parties, the publisher is entitled to receive ADSi tokens for showing the ad. With time, we will be able to expand to a broader audience, and we can ensure a better deal for both the parties.

As we believe in the power of open-source projects, we want to help this economy to operate on its own without any intervention of Ad Networks and eventually at ZERO commission fee. Hence, a publisher gets to keep 100% of the ad revenue. The cost of an advertisement will reduce for the advertiser as well. Further, they can develop relations and enter into more contracts in future. The publisher has an advantage of not onlyselecting the ad he wants to be displayed but also selecting a suitable advertiser.

Statistics and Analysis

Time Spent Watching Television VS Using Internet

On an average, a person spends over 7.5 hours watching, streaming, listening or consuming media[4]. Out of this, majorly, people spend their time either on television or internet. Television has held its number one position for several years. 

But, internet consumption is rising sharply. The daily consumption gap between TV and internet, which was 140 minutes in 2009[4], has shrunk significantly to just 18 minutes in 2017. The internet may overtake television in terms of daily consumption within a couple of years. This is affecting advertising trends worldwide.

 Advertising Revenue Share (in percentage) 

TV advertisements had dominated the advertising industry for many years by bagging the highest share of revenue. But after the digital revolution, the viewership of television has fallen, and the world has seen the rise of the internet. Owing to the viewership, it's share in the global advertising revenue has also declined. In 2017, digital advertising revenue surpassed the television ad revenue to end its reign[3]. The digital media is expected to continue its rise against other advertising platforms.

Global Advertising Spending (in billion $)

The online advertising industry is emerging. This leads to a great opportunity for the publishers. The global advertising spends crossed USD 530 billion in 2017[5]. Seven years ago, in 2010, the spending worldwide amounted to USD 412.54 billion[5]. The growth has been steady and consistent. Also, a major trend is of shifting towards digital advertising. Paper-based advertising has seen a steep decline in recent years.

 Advertising Revenue of Ad Networks

In this digital era, where everything is going online, the online advertising platforms have made headway. Since past decade, the digital market has been rising steeply and steadily, and it continues to do so. The growth of the market means more options for the advertisers and more business for the publishers. The publishers must enjoy the higher profit margin, and the advertisers must be benefited with the competitive pricing.

However, the reality is divergent. Due to the presence of the advertising networks, neither the publishers get the higher margin they deserve, nor the advertisers benefit from the competitive pricing as the ad networks put certain restrictions, and do not promote direct communication between the two. With revenue crossing USD 200 billion in 2017[1], the ad networks have maintained their upward journey concerning revenue. Within five years, starting from 2013, the revenue of the ad networks have increased by over USD 100 billion.

The reason for this is multifold. Some of the major reasons are:   

       - Higher commission rates,
       - Dependency of advertisers and publishers on the ad networks,
       - Lack of competitive alternative platforms,
       -  Dominance of few companies in the market. 

Hence, we bring you a platform that eliminates the need for the advertising networks.

Share of Companies in Digital Ad Revenues (2016)

Google and Facebook dominate the market. The share of these two giants is big already and growing consistently. The biggest share[6]  of the pieis with Google, whose more than 85% income comes from the advertising revenue. They charge an exorbitant 32% commission rate to the publishers. Hence, there is a need to prevent the publishers and advertisers against the unjust deeds of the ad networks.

The AdSigma Token (ADSi)

The AdSigma Token (ADSi) is a utility token which can be used to buy digital display
advertisement on web/app properties, and publishers can monetize their apps/websites using AdSigma platform (They get paid in ADSi tokens).  

The platform is based on the Ethereum’s Smart Contracts, which guarantee secure transactions based on the parameters set by the participants (Advertisers and Publishers) themselves.

The Blockchain technology ensures that one entity alone can’t control the platform. This decentralized system prevents the possibility of any data manipulation and ensures that nobody can interfere with transactions or give preferences or privileges to one advertiser or publisher over another. The network is verified and maintained by each participant and by all participants together.

Rapidly Growing Digital Advertising Market 

Earlier we mentioned the size and growth potential of the digital advertising market. In the section labeled “Business Case” we stated that the digital advertising revenues for Google and Facebook combined, topped $100 billion in 2017 and is further growing consistently. ADSi is based on the thriving Digital Advertising Market, and this market will continue to grow in size, resulting in a surge in the value of ADSi. ADSi’s value will be based on the digital advertising market and the activity within the network. This gives ADSi the potential to become one of the strongest virtual tokens within the Ethereum ecosystem, as it will not be affected by any outside and local regulatory factors in the different global economies.

Creating Value for Advertisers and Publishers

A business that helps other businesses to grow perform distinctively in the market. Take an example of Uber; they helped car drivers to earn huge revenues by connecting them to the customers via their application, and consequently Uber established a billion-dollar company without actually owning those cars. Same way, if publishers get well paid for their efforts of content creation, they will have the financial freedom to create even better quality content without worrying about high network fees, and as a result, AdSigma will develop eventually.

ADSi values those publishers who focus on the quality of their content, as they represent a customer-centered community. Our network will change the mindset of publishers who will now see the blockchain based ad network as a valuable asset that can generate huge revenues.

Technical Aspects of ADSi

Technical Implementation

The AdSigma Token is implemented as an ERC20-compatible token over the public Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is the natural fit for AdSigma as it is quickly becoming the industry-standard for issuing custom digital assets. Compatibility with the ERC20 standard leverages the rich existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem such as development tools, wallets and exchanges. The ability to programtrustless smart contracts over Ethereum with a Turing-complete language allows for robust and secure customization of the cryptocurrency to the domain-specific requirements of the AdSigma network in a fully decentralized manner. 

Ownership Rights & Using Tokens 

Each ADSi represents the ability to purchase digital display ads. ADSi will be used in the AdSigma Platform for the following: 

      - Buying and selling digital display ads
      - Paying fees to Ethereum
      - Paying fees to platform operators (Relayers)
      -  Paying for future services and functions produced by AdSigma.

Ownership Access Rights

An individual may purchase ADSi for the use of purchasing digital display ads through the AdSigma Platform. If an individual no longer wants to use ADSi they may sell, transfer or trade their tokens via an independent cryptocurrency exchange. Purchasing ADSi does not entitle users to own shares in AdSigma.

Bancor as a Token Platform

ADSi will be implemented as a Smart Token, which uses the Bancor Protocol[9]  to maintain liquidity. Bancor is an ERC20-compatible token template, which offers continuous liquidity via an on-chain market maker. The Bancor Smart Contract holds a reserve of another currency (BNT) of the ADSi market cap and determines an appropriate exchange rate between BNT and ADSi in such way that assures the BNT reserve. Individuals wishing to buy or sell ADSi buy from or sell to the market maker at the current price. The market maker can always act as thecounterparty to such trade, as it holds a BNT reserve with which it can buy ADSi, and it has the sole permission to create ADSi which it can sell. 

Some of the special properties of such a token are:

          -  Anyone can buy or sell ADSi at any time, without risk of not having a counterparty, and                   at a predetermined cost (even “slippage” - exchange rate changes during the trade - can 
             be calculated in advance). 
          - The core value of an ADSi unit is backed by its BNT reserve, assuring holders that the
             token has intrinsic value.
          - BNT itself is a smart token backed by ETH, making the conversion to and from ETH a 
            simple two-step function.

More information about Bancor can be found on Bancor’s website and the Bancor white paper. Our data shows that the AdSigma Token will enjoy sufficient liquidity and volatility from day one, eliminating the need for pegging or stabilization mechanism.

Token Distribution and Funding Allocation

The tokens are allocated in accordance with the long-term development goals of the AdSigma platform and the community.


Pre-Sale Date: 5th April, 2018 at 10:00 UTC
Crowd-Sale Date: 20th April, 2018 10:00 UTC

Total hard cap: 19,000 ETH = 60 million ADSi
Soft cap : 15%

Pre-sale: 15 million ADSi = 4,000 ETH
During Pre-sale, 1 ETH= 3,750 ADSi

Token sale: 45 mln ADSi = 15,000 ETH
1 ETH = 3,000 ADSi

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ancor ETH Reserve: 5%

Product Developement: 30%

Marketing and Business Develeopement:40%

Administrative and General Expenses: 7%

Legal and Accounting Expenses: 3%

ETH Reserve (CRR): 15%

ADSi tokens will be distributed right after your contribution in either Pre-Sale or Crowd-Sale. You'll have to add following details in your myetherwallet in order to see ADSi tokens.

Smart Contract Address: 0xc9c9848979455a816800de882cf8886335f505b1

Token Symbol: ADSi

Token Decimals: : 18

Meet the Team

With our team members stemming from diverse fields like Digital Marketing, Software Development, Blockchain/Cryptography, we have achieved a competitive market position, and we are already set on a path of converting our vision into reality.

Our Advisors

We have an astonishing advisory board with the people who are expert in various fields such as Fintech, Blokchain and Legal who will be helping us in the development and delivery of the AdSigma platform.

For more details  please visit the link below :




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