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Friday, April 27, 2018

SINT.GLOBAL - World's fastest Crypto & FIAT exchange

1.  Executive summary 


Over the last five years, cryptocurrencies have proven to be the fastest growing financial market in history.

During that time, they have generated significant profits for all the investors who decided to locate their assets in the cryptocurrency market. A cryptocurrency exchange account is mandatory for every investor in order to participate in trading. The largest cryptocurrency trading companies, such as Binance, Poloniex and many others, do not provide the functionality of crediting an investor’s account with traditional fiat currencies at all. This raises a fundamental problem for investors: the inability to transfer funds seamlessly between assets. A provisional solution, which investors are forced to use, requires depositing fiat money in smaller cryptocurrency exchanges. Such transactions are often subject to high fees and unfavourable exchange rates. At the end of this difficult road, the investor has to transfer their cryptocurrencies to the target exchange, which in turn extends the execution time. The obvious result of this state of affairs is the need to create an integrator connecting users with all cryptocurrency exchanges at the same time. 


       The project is being developed by blockchain enthusiasts and people with experience in the new technologies sector. We believe it is this blend of talent that will help us achieve commercial success.

Sint will provide a comprehensive solution for cryptocurrency users which is clearly lacking in today’s marketplace. It will unify the financial market with the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market and make it more accessible to ordinary people.

2.  Market analisys 

        Current situation

With the fast and extensive development of Blockchain technology, many opportunities for growing one’s capital have emerged.

The digital currency market is truly international, open 24 hours a day and offers great potential for growth. The rapid increase of interest in cryptocurrencies led to the creation of more than 1,500 new tokens available for daily trading. This allowed many
investors to make good profits. In order to better illustrate the potential of investing in the cryptocurrency market, we present some facts below:

A chart showing the relative positioning of the digital currency market among the world’s largest stock exchanges by capitalisation:

Total capitalisation of the cryptocurrency market – the current total value of all digital capital is approx. $450B USD, which leaves a lot of room for further growth and development.

The total trading volume has seen a gigantic increase over the last few years, now reaching a value of about $22B USD every day.

The chart below shows the total capitalisation and increasing market volume over the years:

Currently, the majority of cryptocurrencies are used for trading, rather than for their original purpose. All currencies are traded regularly on many exchanges in order to generate profits for investors. Even Bitcoin and Ethereum are mostly treated as
trading or investment vehicles.

At the end of 2017, the total daily market volume exceeded $20B, despite the opinions of “financial experts” calling the

cryptocurrency market a “niche market” or predicting its imminent collapse. We owe the growth mostly to Ethereum and a variety of tokens based on its algorithm, the ambition of which is to create a scalable and efficient ecosystem.

A table showing the positioning of cryptocurrencies compared to the largest global payment service corporations by a number of transactions per second:

This shows the potential for development which still remains untapped in the sphere of digital currencies. It is estimated that by 2023, the daily trading volume will exceed $1T USD.

The three-digit growth of value, incredible risk-to-return ratios and promising global prospects are just a few of the many reasons why every investor who wants to diversify their portfolio should turn their sights onto the cryptocurrency market.

       Opportunities and investor problems

       Everybody who decides to start investing in digital currencies faces many obstacles on their way.

Trading takes place on many different, unconnected cryptocurrency exchanges. Each of them has different rules, regulations, fees and often complicated and convoluted
verification process. At this stage, many potential investors feel lost. What is more, new investors face an additional obstacle since significant exchange rate fluctuations combined with the long order processing times may quickly deprive an inexperienced
investor of any profits.

Instant transfers and free availability of funds are crucial for taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by trading digital assets.

Investors can decide whether they want to entrust their assets with large funds or buy cryptocurrencies from private vendors on one of many cryptocurrency exchanges available on the market. The opportunities are enormous. Every time, the key criterion is the full and unlimited access to your funds and instant transfers to any location. The exchanges often do not accept fiat currencies, so money has to travel much further, which often takes several days and more often than not is connected with exorbitant fees. In such a situation, using a random exchange only to quickly
deposit money and transfer it to your favourite exchange can bear huge risks, and in extreme cases, it may result in losing all funds.

Given that, we can clearly see that the problems faced by investors can be considerable challenges for them. In order to overcome the problems, they need to have access to professional tools facilitating trading and investing that will ensure confidence and security thanks to their established position.

3.  our vision 

       For the investor 

The Sint Platform is a basic tool for newcomers and experienced investors operating on the cryptocurrency market.

It will enable conversion and transfers of funds held in any currency into cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the platform, the transfer of assets to the digital currency market becomes smooth and hassle-free. It will enable them to execute trades when market conditions are favourable. It will also allow them to quickly realise profits from their cryptocurrency investments by withdrawing capital and converting it into the chosen fiat currency. Most importantly, it will provide a comprehensive solution bridging the gap between funds accumulated in banks and large cryptocurrency exchanges.

       SIN token  

       The most important aspect of the platform, which will attract investors’ attention like a magnet.

Each user will be able to exchange fiat to SIN, SIN to CRYPTO, CRYPTO to SIN, SIN to fiat with no fees using the Sint Platform. This unique functionality will make it a desirable trading tool among both large market participants and small players. The platform guarantees speed, scalability and security of processed transactions thanks to its proven and extremely stable foundation in the form of the Ethereum network on which the token will be based. As the perfect tool for making profits of arbitrage, it will be an irreplaceable intermediary currency for transferring money between exchanges. All traders will additionally benefit from listing the SIN token on as many cryptocurrency exchanges as possible. The only way to distribute SIN is an ICO, during which 82% of all tokens will be distributed.

The SIN token is not subject to inflation.

Conversely, the virtual currency is deflationary, because the number of coins in circulation is predetermined and will be defined in our Smart Contract. Sin transactions are anonymous – when you pay for the exchange service on our platform you make a regular transfer like in the case of any other cryptocurrency. Fees for sending Sin between different wallets are symbolic – you pay the so-called miners, who make their connections available so that the virtual coin can be sent to the recipient. In practice, this is only a few cents – less than in the case of a traditional wire transfer. The fee may not be charged at all but paying the fee will give you credibility and speed up the transfer. Transactions are carried out in real time, almost immediately – no matter where you are sending your funds. You do not have to use any intermediaries – Sin transfers are free from expensive and usually unfavourable currency conversions. Each payment is guaranteed by an entry in blockchain algorithm, so you avoid the risk of losing money. Your account cannot be blocked, thanks to the peer-to-peer network. Only you are involved in the transaction. The system is very secure – it has been proven that it is practically impossible to break into your wallet if, of course, you follow the standard security rules. Sin is the simplest way to become an investor – you are the master of your finances.

       Problems and solutions

Problem: Delayed deposits
Crediting your cryptocurrency exchange account with fiat currency takes a long time or is not possible at all. As we know, it is a common practice that many large exchanges do not support fiat deposits at all. Each of them is governed by its own regulations and has individual processes that can cause significant delays. In addition, in the case of any problems, e-mail is often the only
                                                      contact channel, which can also mean significant waiting time for a

Solution: Instant deposits
Transferring fiat to cryptocurrency is fast, there are no delays related to third-party institutions. The Sint Platform provides free access to your funds without any restrictions and without delay, regardless of time of day or day of the week. It gives you the opportunity to deposit money into your cryptocurrency wallet by using an instant fiat deposit. This way you can convert cash into
                                                      cryptocurrency without delay.

Problem: Delayed withdrawals
Withdrawing money from a cryptocurrency exchange is often impossible or it takes a lot of time. If the exchange offers the possibility to pay out your funds in fiat currencies, in most cases transfers are delayed by multiple days and they are connected with significant fees. Thus, the user is forced to transfer their digital funds to another platform, where the process is carried out in a
                                                      more efficient manner.

Solution: Instant withdrawals
Money shows up on your account almost right away after making a request. Thanks to the Sint Platform, which integrates quick transfers with the cryptocurrency world, profits can be realised in a very short time. It is enough for the transaction to be announced in the Blockchain, and then an instant payment system will release the fiat funds

Problem: High fees
Online money transfer fees start from 2%. The practice of applying such exorbitant commissions, combined with fees charged by cryptocurrency exchanges often completely deprives the investor of profits. The majority of exchanges do not cooperate with instant payment systems. Paying out the money in fiat currencies requires transferring the funds over to another exchange, which results in
                                                      having to pay additional transaction fees.

Problem: Technical instability
The traditional solutions are subject to DDoS attacks, and a failure of one module can render the services impossible to use. This can effectively prevent the transactions from being submitted and cause huge financial losses. In the world of cryptocurrencies, rapid price hikes are very frequent. The technical stability of the system is crucial for effective investing and drawing benefits.

Solution: Stability
The platform based on the Blockchain technology is decentralised, and even in the case of a single-module failure it still works correctly. This solution ensures a 100% stability of the entire Sint Platform, which means that all users will have constant and
uninterrupted access to their funds.

4.  Sint 

       Token Overview 

SIN token is our cryptocurrency designed to provide security and unify the market for fiat and cryptocurrency transfers.

Token issue is determinated by our smart contract. All SIN tokens will be transfered immediately to your wallet address after contribution.

REMEMBER: You can only contribute with non-exchange ERC-20 compatibile wallet! 




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