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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

INVESTA - generation digital earth

What is investa ?   

Over the last 1000 years, national and global financial services have traditionally been controlled by banks and governments. These rose from the days of castle vaults being used to store the kings gold coins, to sovereign banks which took their place and controlled monetary supply. More recently global central banks have dominated the monetary policy and used their own financial manipulation to control the markets, via quantitative easing, interest rates, government bond issuance etc. In 2009 a new era in financial services was born with the rise of Bitcoin as the first decentralized currency, without any central controller or bank influence. The stability of the currency is assured by the fact that a consensus of millions of computers are connected to the network, driven by market forces and natural liquid flow of money. As Bitcoin’s usage and value has risen many new forms of cryptocurrency have been derived from this utopian template, as the world has awoken to the new possibilities that these currencies afford. Investacoin could never have existed until today, as all the component parts of the financial technology matrix that we have amassed, did not exist until our founders had the vision to create a perfect digital bank for the next phase of our evolution towards global financial inclusion and seamless services that allow money to flow at the speed of human impulses. 


ICOs and FinTechs are focused on delivering technically advanced solutions, which are new and exciting due to elegant design, but lack real world customers and value drivers. 


Investa is designed to be useful. We have taken the best of crypto and fintech, then distilled it down into a collection of symbiotic services which work in tandem to enable users to increase the value of their crypto assets. Logical and efficient.

Powering all these services is the INV token, which is our unit of exchange to enable and pay for everything within our ecosystem. Sound good? read on to find out how we do it. 

ICO Token Sale Timeline 


Investa Banking Universe 

ETF Platform 

INV  token can be used to participate in future presales and ICOs of new blockchain based projects, allowing our token holders to benefit from the most promising and popular ICO sales, which frequently result in significant upside opportunity. Over the last 18 months since Etherium ICO, we have been tracking the performance of more than 800 ICO sales and initial trading performance. The results can be seen clearlythat early presale token holders are able to receive returns averaging 3x - 4x their initial investment, after just a short holding time and early exit. If the correct ICO’s are selected returns can be much higher.Our  ICO verification and  selection process relies on industry established methods of determining the viability and stability of the venture, as an indicator of likely ICO demand and performance. Our ETF is managed by asset managers with a trading strategy to acquire presale allocations, with an opportunistic approach to exit timing based on numerous factors such as
holding time, demand momentum, risk management and profit optimisation techniques which are derived from our financial market background. It is our expectation that great returns can be achieved from funds committed to these trading strategies and our performance over the 12 months to date has seen our private ICO portfolio growing at a steady pace.

INV token holders can choose to participate in the ETF fund simply by allocating their funds within our app at any time. Funds can be withdrawn from the ETF on demand and upside returns will be paid out monthly, based on the average performance of the trading during that complete month. We will not be publishing the full details of each trade, but will release general trading volumes and average performance data on a monthly basis. We believe this is the first of its kind, passive ICO tracker fund for investors to benefit from professionally managed asset management services Our ICO trading funds will be hedged with our own token at all times, to provide downside protection and liquidity. Due to the size of funds that we are able to control, we will receive preferential access to the most in demand ICO presales and will benefit from maximum discounts available. This is a unique and powerful advantage to give us greater leverage in the market compared to individual investors. Fees for the ETF platform will be deducted at source from the performance of the fund only, with no ongoing maintenance fees payable. This leads to maximum wealth preservation for our tokenholders who could benefit from considerable upside on a risk managed basis.



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