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Friday, June 1, 2018

Bitschool - Integrated Al Synergy

What Is Bitschool ? 

BitSchool is the world’s first integrated eLearning platform that provides seamless connection and synergy between AI eLearning, Teaching and Tutoring with the goal and mission to realize a perfect personalized learning eco system.

BitSchool Model 

The BitSchool Platform is an eLearning project based on adaptive technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and currently has a beta version of the Adaptive Assessment App and runs an Automated Test Solution System (“Smart Test Solution”).

Our goal is to create the optimal personalized learning environment and we will do this by consolidating the Adaptive Assessment App and Smart Test Solution into one comprehensive“Personalized Learning Solution (PLS)”. The PLS comprises three core components: (1) PLS Assessment adaptively assesses the learners’ understanding and progress per courses; (2) PLS Learning provides mock tests that help identify the learner’s knowledge gaps and generates adaptive learning re sources per questions tailored to plug learning gapsin ways matching the learner’s learning style; (3) PLS Test generates adaptive tests evaluating the learners’ true academic or professional performance. The personalized learning environment empowered by the PLS will be complemented by our OnDemand Tutors who will address specific questions or tasks not resolved by the PLS.

Blockchain is vital to the BitSchool Platform in various ways. However, among them, the monetization of educational contents and hence incentivizing the contribution of high quality contents is most important for the success of BitSchool and quickly establishing its leadership position in the global eLearning industry. 

Token Distribution 

Total Token Supply 500,000,000 BSCH



Team Members 


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