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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Deal Coin - decentralized lending platform

What is The Deal Coin ? 

The Deal Coin is decentralised lending platforms, combining blockchain expertise with real world financial experience . Our aim is to become a true disrupter in the marketplace, the platform of choice for millions of investors looking for a better deal and connecting them with businesses wanting quicker and fairer access to finance, regardless of location in the world.


Combined from three sides: borrower & investor, funding loan, administration & repayment.

                                                             Click this vidio for more details.

Reasons to participate with The Deal Coin? 

The Deal Limited is a unique business, targeting the $13.2 Trillion global finance marketplace.

In 2018 a new company has been formed in Gibraltar to launch The Deal Coin platform across the world

We envisage in the near future all businesses connected through our supply chain will look to adopt and trade in The Deal Coin, building a financial eco-system that will grow exponentially through the adoption of the global community, Working Better, Together.

With your contribution in The Deal Coin [DLSD] Token Sale aim to succeed and pioneer the next level of peer to peer lending platform.

Token Sale Fund Allocation 


The Deal Coin Allocation 

The Deal Coin Team 

The Deal Coin Advisors 

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