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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Momentum - Revolutionising Marketing & Loyalty

Momentum is the world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform that enables companies to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto-tokens.


MobileBridge is set to revolutionise the world of marketing and customer loyalty by redefining the way in which companies build and manage relationships with their customers.

We are launching the world’s first blockchain and crypto token based marketing automation platform and the Momentum Token. It allows companies to use the Momentum Token or launch their own crypto tokens to more accurately engage and reward their customers in exchange for their attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights, whilst giving the consumer full control over their personal data. 


The MobileBridge Mobile Engagement Platform lets marketing teams define and create personalised, mobile centric user experiences. Content rich assets like games, vouchers or surveys are triggered and presented to customers on their mobile phone at precisely the right moment, based on the consumers location, time, weather or any other attribute available in the system.

At the core of our product sit our data processing capabilities, or DMP (data management platform). Based on existing customer data, combined with real timelocation data and mobile analytics information, it identifies, in real time, the right 


Our vission  

Introducing decentralised 1:1 blockchain driven marketing

Even in its own right, the current MobileBridge platform is a solution that is gaining great traction in the market and we are looking atstrong growth in 2018. Evenwithout the introduction of the MobileBridge Momentum, we expect to multiply our revenue by at least 4-5 times compared to last year.

As the market continues to develop, we will continue to evolve our platform strategically. We have seen in the current version of our platform, that incentivis
ingconsumers to take certain actions, using gamification or rewarding customers
with discounts or loyalty points has been averysuccessful and disruptive concept.

Over the years, we have continuously tried to capture the concept of the ‘value’ that we bring to our clients:

   •  What is the value of converting someone from a visitor to our store or 
       website, into a buyer?
   •  What can we earn extra when a consumer comes to our store, rather than 

       let them shop solely online? How much is that visit worth for us?
   •  How much can we save for companies if we help them sell to an existing 

       customer, compared to acquiring a new one?
   •  What is the value of adding a new potential customer to a companies’ 

       target audience?
   •  What value do we get out of a positive review? Aa video review?

f marketers could really understand the ‘value’ fora customer’s attention, business, brand advocacy and data insights, they could pro-actively decide what investment they should or could make to realiseit. For example, if you know what amount of money you could make on each customer coming into store, you would also know how much you could spend on marketing to get that particular customer into store.

A similar concept has already been successfully rolled out in Google Adwords, where marketers pre-determine what they pay for certain clicks on a search term based on theROI (return on investment) they expect to receive. 

Our Platform 

Looking for appropriate technology to support our next generation platform, the
MobileBridge team opted to useblockchain technology and launch a token to support its operation; the MobileBridge Momentum Token.

Besides a solid decentralised database and ledger technology that allows us to run distributed applications in a secure and reliable manner, the blockchain provides us with benefits that further strengthen our platform and proposition;  

   •  It provides data transparency and enables full data ownership for the end 
   •  It enables ledger capabilities, allowing for rewards to be easily distributed 

      and controlled
   •  It allows us to spin up further coins that enable third parties to run their 
       reward applications on top of the MobileBridge Momentum platform.  

Token Momentum  

Momentum is a utility token and will be used in four different ways:





We have a team of 18 technology experts, all trained in blockchain technology and smart contract development 


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