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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Buying - Decentralized E-Commerce Network

Hello friends, back with me again Tamrlan ...
This time I will invite friends to review one of the platforms that will help us and make it easier for us every time we want to buy goods, platforms in the future ...

Often we experience problems when we want to buy goods, where the main problem is about price. Often when we want to buy goods but get very expensive prices or above market prices, and that often happens because we don't meet the MOQ criteria, we often get expensive prices when we want to buy goods because we do not meet the Minimum Order Quantities Requirements. But because of the circumstances, we cannot meet the Minimum Order requirements so we have to pay for these items at prices above the market.

Don't worry friends, now we can solve the problem that with is the first e-commerce protocol that allows consumers to buy direct from manufacturers wholesalers and distributors. It’s the next generation Decentralized E-Commerce Platform that harnesses the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in Bulk Pricing, Real-time Logistics, E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency.

And this for the first time in historyeach individual will have the buying power of millions in the palm of their hands!!!

Visit media buying below to see more about buying;

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Blue ocean in E-Commerce

There is an open space in the market for an e-commerce ecosystem that has low transaction costs, enhanced shipping models, community-driven, and a fast platform with quick response time.

By capitalizing on barriers that our competitors lack- the speed, the pricing, the quick response time- the business model will capitalize on an exploding global e-commerce market by enhancing a preexisting platform with groundbreaking blockchain technology.

Although there is opportunity for direct competition to emerge,’s unique combination of proven traction, unique domain name branding, early embrace of blockchain, and group-sourced pricing practices will make will make the business model hard to replicate by competitors.

Clearly is well-positioned to further invade the block-chain-based e-commerce industry. Yet, blockchain, as it’s currently defined cannot scale up to Amazon’s millions-of-transactions-per-hour needs, nor have other e-commerce companies leveraged the technology to its fullest capacity . A scalable blockchain architecture is set to be part of’s defensible IP.

Our ecosystem will provide features such as automated verification, shipping cost optimization, security enhancement, smart contracts, and a superior pricing model.

Benefits for E-Commerce Stores 

DPA will level the playing field for e-commerce stores, putting them on equal footing with large retailers.

• Consumers to benefit from lower bulk pricing by harnessing the 

   combined purchasing power of millions.
• Manufacturers will now deal directly with consumers without limiting 
   their market reach due to minimum order quantity requirements. DPA 
   showcase technology lets them offer special product deals or 
   liquidate overruns without being subject to the whim of volume or 
   channel buyers because they can reach out directly to consumers.
• Our DPA app’s mobile B2B and B2C platform lets e-commerce sellers 
   and individuals purchase products directly from manufacturers using 
   a simple iOS or Android mobile app. For the first time, small sellers 
   and individuals will be able to buy at prices that before were only 
   available to big-box retailers.
• The DPA harnesses the buying power of the masses to offer direct 
   product pricing on millions of items worldwide. Manufacturers will 
   have access to a platform that connects them directly to end-users 
   while still meeting their required MOQ.

Solution from

In reality, the couple does not need 50 love seats. NOW for the first time in history, each person will have the buying power of millions in the palm of their hand. The power of the blockchain combined with’s Tipping Point Technology will directly connect consumers with manufacturers enabling consumers to achieve bulk pricing alongside businesses by using our platform.

A promotion can be placed directly on the platform by the manufacturer. Once on the platform, businesses will be given first access to bulk pricing deals. If the MOQ quantity remains unmet, then consumers will be granted access to the promotion. This will be done using Smart Contracts along with’s Tipping Point Technology.

Once a deal is placed on, and the MOQ is met, our smart contract solution triggers the order from the manufacturer, sending it to our warehouses. The products are individually dropshipped to each customer with the same ease-of-use that they would gather ordering from any store online.

The exception is that they are benefitting from the MOQ pricing.’s native coin, the BUY token, will be the currency for all payments within the ecosystem alongside more traditional forms of payment. Utilizing the BUY token, customers will realize further discounts and also not have to deal with conversion issues.

Guys, from the explanation above we can already see how important is in our lives in buying goods. Let's support along with an here investment. needs support from us, and we must support a platform that is useful for many people. 


Our partner company,, is already populated with over 2 million items, many manufactures, distributors and ecommerce sellers. This strategic partnership provides the inventory to our already working Android and IOS applications.

We will build and scale our direct-to-consumer platform, the Prime Protocol.

Our direct-to-consumer platform will enhance business profits by hitting the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) quickly, which is accomplished by combining the purchasing power of individual consumers. Once the MOQ is met, the product is shipped and received on our full service decentralized Eco system to the customers front door faster and cheaper. 



Plan for the future 



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