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Monday, October 15, 2018


Hello friend, come back with Tamrlan again ...

This time I will review A trendy third generation Blockchain Platform.

HetaChain is an advance, high- performance blockchain 3.0 built with industrial scale computational capabilities that immutably allows users to deploy decentralized applications devoid of censorship, fraud, downtime or third party incurred costs. It's laden with the ability to operate on a full commercial basis focussed on ushering the world into the next Industrial Revolution 4.0.
• Scalable
   HetaChain possesses the capacity to process thousands of commercial scale  

   Dapps transactions in inter-blockchain communication.
• Secure
   HetaChain runs a secure and efficient consensus protocol using DPoS and BFT 

   hybrid consensus algorithm. In this way, HetaChain is secured against an 
   array of cyberattacks and other malicious threats which has pushed forth a 
   decentralized system of storing and sharing data which is crucial in the 
   prevalent technological space.
• Flexible
   HetaChain's flexibility is achieved through ability to freeze and fix broken 

   applications with generalized role-based permissions.
• Fast
   HetaChain's unique technology allows for fast transactions approval (TPS) 

   without the risk of downtime. It is built to adequately cater for a high 
   throughput which is one of the commercial attributes of a new generation 
   network addressing the shortcomings of the other existing blockchain.

Improving communication between multiple platforms, HetaChain can help in increasing communication between its and other private Blockchain platforms. It will provide Bridge Protocol to help private Blockchains to validate their data through it. In fact, while using HetaChain every private Blockchain platform has to pay fee for using it through HETA( the currency of HetaChain). The amount of this fee depends upon the amount of the use of its services.

The users of HetaChain will have to pay certain amount of HETA while creating a transaction to exchange their tokens or coins issued by HetaChain. This usage fee can also be known as Transaction fee which is mandatory to know the real value of the HETA for this system. It also restrains the users to make unlimited transactions of micro nature and flooding the network of this Blockchain platform. The user should be awarded with a particular amount of coins of HetaChain, as an Endorsing Award, when he participates in a validation process of Main chain or consensus process of private chain. The rate of evaluating this reward should be based on the amount of efforts made by the user for using this process.

HETACHAIN is built based on the aim to help businesses operate better, here is the combination of a mechanism of DPOS operation more efficient (this was verified by comparison with POW and POS) and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) is designed for high availability system supporting the most effective operations.

HETACHAIN was launched with the aim to create for users, developers and business to overcome the obstacles in the use, features, along with a Blockchain high speed platform. HetaChain with Blockchain technology platform 3.0 has confirmed the difference, compared to the old Blockchain platform, with a diverse ecosystem, in which, there are many improvements of performance such as processor speed, confirm transaction time, faster, especially the very easy to use and user friendly. Hetachain with the improvements of the platform Blockchain 3.0 will definitely be widely applied in the future. With HETACHAIN, we look forward to Blockchain technology high performance at the best and most effective practical applications.


This platform patners with five well-known companies, among others are; Vault Investments, International Auditing Consultancy center (IAC), Aston Roth International (AR), Prithvi, Global Stallion, And GVS technology. 

Website; https://heta.org
Whitepaper; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HDz5WmDRyVbVGYzgxgyhbDDgpcer-4bu_AvcbvleP5o/edit

ANN Bitcointalk; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5043007.0

Medium; https://medium.com/@hetachain_blog
Twitter; https://twitter.com/Heta_org
Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/hetachainofficial
Telegram; https://t.me/Hetachain_Community


Telegram URL; https://t.me/Tamrlancoin
Bitcointalk Username; Tamrlan
Bitcointalk URL; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=696580

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