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Friday, November 2, 2018

eSports Tournaments on the Blockchain

Hello friends, come back again with Tamrlan ...

This time I will review platform the game and tournament. 

Yamzu is a game and tournament platform that allows amateur gamers to make money off gaming by participating in e-sport from home, in game like league of legend and counter-strike GO.

Yamzu is designed as a fully operational, browser-based eSports tournament platform. The Yamzu platform makes eSports competitions available to any gamer in any location on Earth. The platform is the only one of its kind, being entirely browser-based. Rival companies face  constant  struggles  due  to  users’ privacy concerns, and several other entry barriers such as the need to download a user interface. Meanwhile, our internal user research shows that a browser-based platform does indeed show more growth potential. These factors instill confidence, especially considering Yamzu’s pre-existing user base (10,000) and irrefutable track record of 300% annual growth in just two years of activity. 

The platform is tailored to suit the needs of:

     • Players and teams battling for prizes and rewards.
     • Brands, influencers, and organizations that wish to set up tournaments.
     • Advertisers and sponsors targeting eSports audiences.

Currently Yamzu supports CS:GO and LoL, two of the most popular eSports games in the world. The platform is ready to integrate many more popular games such as DOTA2, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and PUBG. 

This platform is increasingly popular and is believed to be victorious in the future, a platform that has proven have a number of partner. This list of Yamzu partner;

As a brand, Yamzu plans to branch out into several niches of the gaming industry—including but not limited to entertainment hubs, talent agencies supporting Twitch streamers, and niche-oriented clothing lines.

In the long-term, Yamzu envisions the platform as a genuine household name for eSports competitions of any skill level. At the same time, we are developing several Blockchain based projects on the platform, some of which are almost ready to be implemented.

Yamzu is determined to become a leading eSports tournament provider and host, one both affiliated with P2P (Peer to Peer) gaming as well as with significant regional and global tournaments. The fact that Yamzu already supports an active platform gives strength to our projections. In the future, we will work with game developers by forming symbiotic relationships surrounding the creation of new games. In doing so, both Yamzu and value creators (e.g. developers) will collaborate to encourage more gamers to participate at the intersection of paid gaming and  cryptocurrency. 

eSports market capitalization is likely to reach $905.6M by 2018, with an increment of over $250M in respect to 2017. North America is expected to generate the biggest portion of revenues, contributing 38% relative to 2018 total market cap. Sponsorship contributions  are  also  expected  to  increase  in  2018,  generating  $359.4M against  $234.6M obtained in 2017. Revenues from Media events are steadily growing, with a CAGR (2016 – 2021) of +49.8%. By 2021, the average revenues from media rights are expected to more than double in value in respect to 2018, making media rights the second major revenue stream in eSports industry worldwide.

eSports companies’ revenues streams primarily originate from the following areas:

     • Sponsorships and advertising.
     • Prize pools.
     • eSports betting.
     • Media events.

Tournaments are streamed through web-tv and viewers usually pay to watch the event. Companies can monetize the event through entry fees and through the superior number of views deriving from the online streaming of the event.

The following graph shows just how relevant eSports events are in terms of viewership even if compared with traditional sports events: 

The graph below represents the different modalities of viewership available and  shows which is the most commonly utilized by the viewers: 

If you are interested in participating with Yamzu's token sale, please visit the following media;




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Bitcointalk Username; Tamrlan
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