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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

IronX - World-Class Exchange

Over time, cryptocurrency demand on the exchange more and more increased from year to year. With the increase in cryptocurrency in exchange from year to year, this requires a balance between cryptocurrency and exchange. Often we find things that are not appropriate in exchange which makes us doubt. Like 'security' security is the most important thing to priority in the exchange.

This time cryptocurrency will arrival of a new exchange. Exchange that has a focus on traditional trader.

There are some of the most common problem in the exchange, problem that among is;

   Most of today exchange have grown or established their businesses without proper customer service system. Nearly all of the existing exchange lack the human capital infrastructure necessary to support the growing number of customer and transaction, often operating as anonymous counterparties, and thus increasing non-transparency and reducing customer confidence in transacting within these marketplace. There is usuallyno customer support or established helpline, and in the cases, these do exist, the service is poor, delayed and intermittent. Issues that are generally cited by user are, inter alia:
     The complexity of the platform 
     Customer service difficult to reach 
     Sites only accessible in English 
     Lengthy account verification, deposit and withdrawal time. 

•   Possibly the most costly and damaging risk to exchange operator and user alike is network security. With billion of dollar lost and many exchange toppled, hacking and other cyber-attack remain at the forefront of concerns for crypto exchange. As a result, security and data protection occupies an elevated position of importance to user, a concern which may not be appropriately addressedby inexperienced or under-equipped exchange without access to more advanced means of platform security.


Fully Regulated                                               Existing Client Base
  The Group is actively seeking to                        IronX is being built with our 1.2
  be licensed and become properly                      million existing IronFX Group retail  
  regulated. At present, it holds a                         clients and 150,000 Cardano
  FIU licence in Estonia but will                            follower in mind, giving us
  actively pursue licences in other                        access to a huge liquidity pool
  key jurisdiction. In this regard the  
  group is considering both 
  Gibraltar and Malta.        

FIAT and CRYPTO Funding                            Existing Client Base
  Our platform will provide a full                           IronX will be the first exchange to
  range of traditional FIAT and                             offer not only 24/7 support, but  
  CRYPTO wallet funding option.                         also in the language that our
                                                                        user speak, catering to their need. 


IronX Exchange is exploring the possibility to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the world of crypto trading by addressing the challenge mentioned earlier with effective ness and experience. The IronX Exchange could, therefore, facilitate the entrance of new user to crypto trading with increased ease of entry on the right basis, higher efficiency, and lower costs.

The IronX Exchange will provide crypto investor who wish to diversify their investment direct access to the low-correlation asset classes that are offeredon the IronFX Group trading platform (such as spot FX, CFD, share, futures, commodities, indices), including the ability to utilize higher than normally offered leverage when trading on the IronFX Group trading  platform.

IronX will probably be the only exchange that creates crypto exchange made with traditional trader. In addition, IronX also provides interconnections between Excange and third parties to reduce liquidity problem.


With a clear vision and mission, and IronX consists of people who are experienced in their respective fields. IronX managed to attract companies to collaborate with IronX. Whatever the reason, what is clear is that IronX managed to capture public attention.

IronX is not only a concern of the company, but they also attract investors to invest in IronX. Recorded today November 28, 2018 IronX has managed to raise funds of $24,518,285 from the sale of token, price per token ($ 0.42).

This to be pride for the team of IronX.
Their work is not in vain, it has been proven that during the development stage, IronX has been in great demand by various group. 

The IronX Exchange wishes to provide a safe and easy pathway for crypto enthusiasts that wish to start trading or investing in crypto by providing easy to use onboarding process and high-quality service. The IronX Exchange will also provide crypto investors who wish to diversify their crypto investment direct access to the low-correlation asset classes that are offered on the IronFX Group trading platform, including the ability to utilize higher than normally offered leverage in their trading on the IronFX Group trading platform. This service is planned to be seamless, instantaneous and highly efficient, as both the IronX Exchange and the IronFX Group are exploring the possibility to utilize common back-office and funding, thus eliminating time-consuming tasks such as an additional KYC/AML processand funding operation. 


Bitcointalk Username; Tamrlan
Bitcointalk URL;;u=696580
Telegram URL;
Adress wallet ETH; 0x65F6cD45F257D7C340F572BA460C0cE3639d4A60  
The IronX Exchange aims to address the aforementioned crypto market challenge by using a market-leading technology platform consisting of a multitude of high-grade features, as well as aiming to provide a highly secured interconnectivity between exchange and third-party institutions to curtail liquidity problem and boost trade volume, which are the biggest challenges of new exchange, and to facilitate high level of security and ease-of-use for all crypto trader purchasing currency (including FIAT). In addition, the IronX Exchange explores the possibility to offer a seamless connectivity with the IronFX Group traditional online trading platform that could leverage the IronFX Group’s long-standing, global operational excellence and multi-regulatory presence to introduce a new standard of customer support coupled with a  strong regulatory framework.This seamless connectivity, if applicable, will be designed and implemented with care and could involve business processes, technology solutions (such as an interface between the two exchange Customer Relationship Management systems) and strict policies –all designed and managed at the highest level of legal, regulatory and compliance stand ards.

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