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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sovren Investment For The Mobile Generation

This time I will reviewing Exchange Lending Platform & Integrated Wallet Payment.

A Trading App A Hybrid Securities Exchange Lending Platform & Integrated Wallet Payments Custodial Service for Institutions Will be fully regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority

Full spectrum of trading options = Stocks, Gold and Securities Low fees and zero commission One integrated platform for everything from trading to paying.

Primarily a B2C Business where Customers pay for premium trading services and interests against borrowings linked to their deposit and portfolio value. B2B includes Securities Exchange, Custodian services, White-labeled exchange.

Sovren is the world's first wealth management platform with a full suite of solutions for trading traditional assets and securities. Sovren will solving existing problems of current digital asset sectors whilst leveraging the benefits ofcrypto adoption. Sovren is ofer seamless integration through  mobile application, proprietary exchange, white-label and payment products and lending features.

Sovren is an all-in-one digital asset investment ecosystem with a strong focus on user experience, customer support and social wealth sharing, both retail traders and institutions will be able to trade across a full range of digital assets using the latest fintech solutions powered by AI and Robotic Processing Automation (RPA). Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will impact on our lives in the years to come; it is undoubtedly transforming businesses and their workforce across every sector. These technologies are at the forefront of human-computer innovation and have the potential to provide the trading services industry with virtual rule-based systems with the ability to connect with Blockchain technologies in a much more efcient way than what Sovren will be at the forefront of integrating these technologies into the digital asset trading service industry by building a trading platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies and Intelligent Automation for security, customer service and trading services.

Sovren’s platform is not limited to trading. By integrating a full payment platform that uses traditional debit and credit cards, Sovren customers will be able to take a loan based upon their deposits and combined portfolio value. This would make cash available instantly. Equally, investments in assets like
Bitcoin can be used to pay for consumer goods, like a simple cup of cofee, with the exchange providing the liquidity for instant crypto to fiat conversation.

The Sovren product suite will span a broad range of trading capabilities, allowing the platform to be a one-stop-shop for investors big and small. The Sovren platform will make use of the best Centralized technologies and support Decentralized trading of assets. To support the full scope of what Sovren has set out to deliver, to its community, we believe combining mature centralized tech with emerging decentralized technologies it will allow us to create an unparalleled user experience which is secure, fast and fair.

With AI and RPA integrated into the Sovren platform we will not only be the most secure trading platform but will also be in a unique position to apply these technologies to deliver a superior trading experience. Most trading platforms only serve one purpose, a means to change one asset into another. At Sovren we believe that to truly make investing accessible for a decentralised community we need to go much further by implementing innovative solutions to support adoption.

     • Sovren will assist companies manage their offering to be compliant with 
        local regulations and the legal guidance provided by Sovren’s/the issuer’s 
        legal team
     • The Sovren Platform has integrations with brokerages to list traditional 
        security products such as stocks from the London Stock Exchange
     • The Sovren platform will allow the token issuer’s qualified investors to 
        register and go through the investment process, including an integrated 
        KYC/AML, accreditation, and other legal requirements process
     • Sovren platform allows the token issuer to customize its Smart Contract to 
        match its unique business model, manage regulatory compliance, and list 
        on the Sovren platform after issuance

Sovren will use advanced technologies to offer the most secure crypto exchange to date. Introducing "Machine Learning", a program that is written to learn and adapt through the analysis of millions of data points, faster than any human can.

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Sovren is creating a unique securities trading offering ~ trade, pay ~ borrow ~ play.

Knowing that we live in a time where apps are at the forefront for younger generations, we have made sure that our app was designed to support all the features and allow a full rounded trading experience. This includes the, opening, adjusting and closing of positions, account history and details, deposit and withdrawal methods and all types of charts, indicators and trading tools.

Sovren integrated listing platform will allow new projects to create, run and list there ICO/TGE projects in a seamless process. With a full integrated incubation and listing service the best project will be assured of the right support to give them the best opportunity to succeed with a guarantee of listing after the initial fund raise is complete. Traders will also not have to wait for the project token/coin to get listed on a specific exchange, as they will be able to start trading on the Sovren platform as soon as the project goes. The platform will also have a unique voting system where the Sovren community can vote for new projects that they want to see funded with a special allocation of SVRN dedicated to fund these projects.

0% Commission
Instant Settlement
Market Sentiments to traders
AI Chatbot + RPA for automated support
24*7 Human Contact Center support 


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