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Friday, November 16, 2018

TEMCO - Supply Chain Powered by Bitcoin Network & RSK

This time I will reviewing The Transportation Enterprise Merchandise Customer Organization (TEMCO).


Temco is the Transportation Enterprise Merchandise Customer Organization. Using blockchain and smart contract, temco will revolutionize supply chain management through innovative technology. Temco project will provide greater transparency and reliability across the entire supply chain process to deliver trustworthy information that empower businesses and consumer. 
Temco the next big crypto project backed by Korea Investment Partners and TLDR capital. TEMCO is not only revolutionizing the supply chain management systems for businesses but also offering consumer application that can increase sales for vendors and create transparent ecosystem in a market.

TEMCO combines innovative technologies - smart contracts, blockchain, and big data. Data is uploaded to blockchain using smart contracts and then migrated to big data. This design enables businesses to maximize the use of valuable information.

Connected                                     Credible 
   Track, share, and access                   Trust your product vendors.
   real-time data anywhere                   They are verfied by our Vendor
   anytime through highly                     Verification System (VVS).
   linked blockchain. 

Transparent                                   Traceable   
   Data collected through smart            Trace your product back to its
   contract in blockchain is                    origin. Problems are reliably and
   immutable and transparent.              quickly resolved.

   Develope new business insights

   using Big data.

For more detailed information about TEMCO, please visit the media below;


TEMCO has succeeded in attracting the attention of the world, it is proven that TEMCO already has several partners from well-known companies.
The field of transportation services has a very important contribution in helping share economic activities within the national development chain. The Field of Goods Transport Services has different characteristics in other public transportation services. This is due to the services offered by the field of goods transportation services, which are shipping and shipping goods.

The national economic position has an influence on the field of goods transportation services. Continuous multi-dimensional Kiris can cause various industrial and trade fields that have not worked normally as usual, thus giving an influence on the progress of the freight transportation sector. The effect of the crisis that most affects the field of freight services is the decrease in the availability and volume of goods to be transported using freight services.

With the presence of TEMCO, temco can provide a large contribution to the national economy position. TEMCO is the world’s first bitcoin(RSK) based decentralized supply chain platform that connects isolated supply chain data and offers business/consumer side services. On the business side, TEMCO provides companies with the Business Intelligence tool (BI-tool), an analytics tool that helps companies efficiently access and gain insights from data on the blockchain. On the consumer-side, TEMCO is developing applications where consumers can transparently view the distribution process starting from the manufacturer to the final retail location. 
TEMCO tokens and incentive points are rewarded to users when they participate in the community. To motivate users, we give more TEMCO tokens and incentive points to monthly top reviewers, highly rated businesses, and community-voted feedback writers. They can spend the tokens in the TEMCO marketplace.

For detailed information, please visit the TEMCO media that I gave above.


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