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Saturday, November 10, 2018

TravelNote - Connecting travel platform with blockchain technology

Travel, maybe we are familiar with the word travel.

Travel mean travel, For a traveler, travel is neither foreign nor new, travel can be done from one location to another. Every time we want to travelling from one location to another we can use Transfortasi such as buses, trains, planes and other means of transportation.

Travel is special and useful for us. Travel to go on vacation to refresh, visit family, friends, work, or relax on the beach just to avoid daily routines.

What are the benefits of travel, why do we have to travel? Is this important to do? If indeed that is important, why can some people be so satisfied just by spending their entire lives in their homeland while others feel that they are not satisfied exploring the vast world? The reason is simple, with travel causing changes in our lifestyles, journey can change mindsets, give ideas, travel can turn opportunities into potential, travel gives change from the way we accept the world and how the world accept us, and many more benefits from travel.

Okay guys, This time I will reviewing the travel platform with blockchain technology.

TravelNote is a business associated with travelling and has been operating since year 2015. It offers a variety of services, which include purchasing airline tickets, making hotel reservations, creating itineraries for tour (or special packages) and providing information about specific destinations. It also provides car and motorbike renting services. TravelNote has experienced in serving major group tour, private tour, family and even corporations.

TravelNote to be the pioneer in travel with blockchain technology that serves any travel related needs to people in southeast asia.

TravelNote will to be the most trusted and innovative travel management company in the world.

For more detailed information about TravelNote please visit the link below;

Website    Whitepaper    Media    Twitter    Facebook    Instagram    Github    Telegram 

Ecosystem is very essential to maintain the efficiency of the TravelNote project. Taking this into account, we will focus on the running of TravelNote ecosystem as the main payment gate to our business.

TravelNote will be the leading business in travel with blockchain technology that offers its benefits as well as specialty to travelers around the globe, not only for recreational purposes but even business related travel needs covering flight ticket and hotel. 

November 7, 2018 TravelNote officially announcement the TravelNote partnership with Eunomia.

Our real project TravelNote platform travel its real. Ecosystem its real. TravelNote customer goes to malaysia kuala lumpur for group tour 21, Oktober 2018. 

TravelNote token is created by using the smart contract technology (ERC20) from Ethereum. The very reason why smart contract is applied was to ensure every token owner candidates, investors and business owner to be opened and transparent among each other. This smart contract can be evaluated clearly without any problem on the blockchain track of the entherum network.

TravelNote token can be used in any transaction without losing the value of local currency (IDR) as a reference with the opened blockchain technology.

PRE SALE      666,666   TVNT
ICO SALE      1,333,333  TVNT 

1. Contact our customer service at +623612003289 (office hour 10am-5pm) / +1(315)5352234(24hours whatsap)
2. Flight start from Indonesia ( SUB/DPS/CGK) Malaysia(KUL)
3. Hotel+transport+tour guiide included
4. Limited seat only for 25px


Bitcointalk username; Tamrlan
Bitcointalk URL;;u=696580
Telegram URL;

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