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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Billion ★ New groundbreaking open-source product intended to manage Bitcoin ★

For all of you who have just studied cryptocurrency. To complete your knowledge, I will give a little explanation about cryptocurrency wallet.

If you are a newbie in the digital world (cryptocurrency), if you want to start using cryptocurrency or bitcoin, you must have a digital wallet first. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with various blockchain to enable users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance.

Don't let you lose your digital wallet because you not incomprehension will distinguish your private key and public keyy. This may sound simple, but it has the potential that cause adverse effect, namely losing the cryptocurrency asset that you already have. Therefore you will be guided by usage instructions, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs) in cryprocurrency wallet.

Note; Please study before you use it.

I am tamrlan, author
Next I will review the platform wallet cryptocurrency, manager for bitcoin created in compliance with the latest UI/UX.

Billion cryptocurrency Wallet is a new groundbreaking open-source product intended to manage Bitcoin. It is created in compliance with the latest UI/UX trends and is easy to useas for experienced Bitcoin enthusiasts as for first-time user. The app is developed by international team of professionals. Now available on iOS, both iPhone and iPad.

Billion has 3 unique the thing that, and you need to know is that billion is the first cryptocurrency wallet based both on SPV architecture and Payment Code ID. Here are 3 unique thing billion.

Not only Billion never asks you to enter email or phone number, but it also implements a unique feature called Reusable Payment Codes. Payment Code is a special kind of address that can be freely published online and no one will be able to calculate the amount received. Kind of Monero Stealth Addresses but in a Bitcoin world! You can read a high-level overview of this technology on our Medium blog (a 10-min read).

To make cryptocurrencies easy to use for everyone we have developed an entirely new visual paradigm. If you ever experienced struggle while using a crypto wallet, we encourage you to try Billion – that's something new on the market. You can read a brief explanation of Billion user-interface on Medium as well (4-min read), or watch a 30 seconds-long a brief explanation promo video.

One of the most important aspects of Billion is a system of contacts based on Payment Codes. Once you have added your friend to a list – either using Air Connectivity (Bluetooth connection) or by importing/scanning a Billion Card you can make payments without any copying/pasting/scanning. This way, a payment workflow is simplified drastically, and the privacy is not sacrificed at all. Moreover, such a system is cross-platform: you can add contacts from other wallets that support Payment Codes. As of now, Samurai and Stash on Android are two wallets that support Payment Codes (and Stash can be used on TestNet). 

Excellence of billion the first cryptocurrency wallet based both on SPV architecture.
► The app is absolutely autonomous and does not depend on distributin company.
Private keys are stored encrypted inside the hardware of your device and never leave it. 
► There are no risks of losing access to funds or leaking information about user activity as a result of hacker attacks on intermediate centralized servers with SPV architecture.  
In case you lose the device you can always restore the access to your funds and information from blockchain with recovery words - these 12 words are generated when you start the app for the first time. 
► Open Source. All the codebase of Billion is publicly available. 

Not only that billion also has the latest advanced features, for new cryptocurrency users, billion is the right answer if you are looking for a cryptocurrency wallet to store your assets. Because billion is equipped with strong security features. Don't be afraid, billion equipped with a great and professional team in it. 

Payment Сode ID

After you choose a contact send any cryptocurrency you choose to a single Payment Code.

Forgot about coping, pasting and checking cryptocurrency addresses. Send cryptocurrencies in a new way of privacy and use. Decentralized way, without usage our servers.

Billion Portfolio

Build and manage your crypto assets portfolio, keep account of its value in a selected currency, all this in one app.

There’s no need in manual transaction data entry and in counting profits or losses - Billion Portfolio will do it all automatically while you manage your assets. Set up notifications about price movements to be immediately informed about important changes.

Amount request

With Billion Wallet you can make cryptocurrency bills and claim payments easily and privately.

It has never been so easy to make cryptocurrency bills for provided services or ask your friend to lend some money. Make it in a few taps with direct amount requests.
Adjustable Blockchain Fee

Adjust the network fees of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

You can save money or time when needed - set up the blockchain transaction fee manual in one tap.

If you want to see more about billion, please visit the media below;


Now the decision is all of you. Please choose which wallet you will use to store your cryptocurrency asset. I only give advice, choose a cryptocurrency wallet that has strong security features like billion. All to keep your assets safe. If you have an interest in billionapp, please try it;

1. Download Billion MainNet from the App Store. To try Billion TestNet (NOT REAL BITCOINS), please, follow this link 

2. Create a new wallet. Once it's synced, tap onto the balance tab to display your Billion card. Assign a pseudonym and avatar to make it more recognizable.

3. Share your BillionCard picture in comments, or join a dedicated   Telegram channel . In case you use TestNet, we will send you some TestNet bitcoins so you won't need to use any faucets!

4. Involve your friends and add them to your list of contacts (tap onto 'Contacts' icon -> 'Add contact' -> 'Scan BillionCard' -> 'Extract QR-code frompicture' and choose the image you saved to media library or simply use Air Connectivity). Send them some coins.

5. Tell us how you enjoy the workflow.

Latest features to come.

• there will be Android version later this year.
• there will be support for your lovely cryptocurrency (what's yours btw?).
• there will be more options for full control of your funds (eg. ability to connect your own node for broadcasting and receiving payments).


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