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Saturday, February 2, 2019

CoinClaim ★ Automated Crypto Marketing System ★

### is an automated marketing campaign system that uses 100% cryptocurrency. It is designed for token companies and non-token companies alike, who are looking for organic growth in social media and other marketing channels.

CoinClaim is a fully automated SaaS marketing tool using 100% crypto for organic social media and other marketing campaigns. CoinClaim is perfect for all phases of a company’s growth from ICO bounty programs to established brand marketing campaigns.

     ►  Token company
       Tech company
     ►  Crypto enthusiasts
     ►  And investor

CoinClaim has partnered with companies that are offering free crypto coins to help promote their brand or product. You can earn tokens for doing as little as subscribing to their newsletter or retweeting a tweet.

Companies are ready to pay you crypto tokens for promoting their brands and products in social media and other channels.

Claim : 450 CLM 
Login every day to get : 5 CLM 
Exchange CLM : 

How do way claim it? 

Register here :

Necessary materials : 
1. Twitter account
2. Facebook account

Okay, Thank you guys.

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