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Friday, April 9, 2021

Build and manage your own tokens with Studen Coin

Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows users to manage their own tokens, such as start-ups, NFTs, and DeFi. Not only that, users can also design, and make it very easy.

This is the first blockchain university. Student Coin provides education, digital transformation and blockchain-based technology, student coin provides you with new knowledge about new technologies that allow you to manage and use crypto assets in everyday life. Providing you with education from various sides about blockchain, getting to know you more deeply about crypto.

The idea of student coin first appeared in 2017, by Wojciech Podobas. From there, Wojciech Podobas began maximizing the idea until in 2018 he began to prepare the backed as well as the legal and accounting solution for the token launch, and in 2019 the company took effect and prepared the backend. In the coming 2022, student coin will build a sustainable tokenization ecosystem with the STC as the reference currency.

it's not quite there, student coin is supported by experienced great people such as:

These people who will guide you, share experiences with you about how to manage your token. It will be very useful for you, because you will manage your own token with the guidance of experienced people.

Student Coin has a vision & mission that will lead you to a better future. Making you from not knowing to knowing opens the way for you to get to know more about the world of blockchain.

The Student Coin ecosystem for tokenization will be built by the following

STC Terminal
the software for firms, organizations and individuals to
create and easily manage their own STC-based tokens

STC Exchange
the publicly available exchange with all the tokens traded only to STC. A place for the startup crowdfunding and STC-based DeFi tokens issuance.

the mobile and desktop application to store, swap, and easily use the utility of the DeFi and personal tokens created in the STC Terminal.

Student coin officially launches during STC launchpad ICO in Q1 2021.
You may join the Launchpad and invest in the STC Token. The purchased STC Tokens will be immediately granted to your Student Coin account, and you will be able to track their value in the live mode. Investors will be free to withdraw and trade tokens after the end of the Launchpad ICO period.

Launchpad Phase 116 is Live
Price of 0.0187 USD per 1 STC
115 Phases completed
$700,419 USD raised in phase 116
The total accumulated so far is $32,950,419 USD

An extraordinary achievement, it proves that Student Coin is accepted in the market.

You can buy STC through the official Student Coin website:

For further information, please click the link below


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