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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

DECOIN - FIRST blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform

1.  Why DECOIN?

We are developing highly scalable, secure and commercial grade blockchain architecture

Trading Revenue and Profit Sharing Exchange
Whether the market is up or down - YOU as a DECOIN holder gain from the transaction fees and the daily volume accumulated on the exchange. DECOIN shares all revenue and profits with its Coin holders. The trading revenues include: spreads, commissions, aggregation, risk positions and margin interest

Full Support
Accessing customized information through our Online Customer Service, with detailed and precise information to get you started within the crypto space

Investment With Unprecedented Returns
DECOIN’s POS algorithm ensures an average of 6.2% annual interest return to all coin holders that will stake their coins on DECOIN's online wallet, rewarding their loyalty toward the coin adoption.

Monetization and Liquefaction
The First exchange Platform to allow direct access to our profits using your own personal D-TEP credit card. Just another way you can save time and simplify the process

2.  About us 

DECOIN is a Decentralized Blockchain-Based Exchange & Trading Platform with Redistributed Profits to Coin holders.

A fully Secure Technology System for cryptocurrency users to exploit their full potential aligning with the Decentralized nature of the Block-Chain itself.

DECOIN aims to build a world-renowned customer care centers worldwide to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. 

3.  Roadmap 

4.  Allocation   

DECOIN allocation

Proceeds allocation 

5.  Online Customer Service 

Most people around the world don’t understand the cryptocurrency-field and its potential. As such, DECOIN is planning to expand and open multilingual Online Customer Service worldwide, to better serve our traders and coin holders by tutoring each and every partner and investor about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

6.  Team   

7.  Meet our Advisors   

Countacts us  

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