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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Orvium - Open and Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

What Is Orvium ? 

Orvium is the first open source and decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications’ life cycles and the associated data.

How To Work Orvium ? 

Orvium works to eliminate market inifficiencies and improve the quality and effectiveness of scientific publishing. The ultimate objective is for orvium to be the leading publication platform for the research community while returning the benefits of science to the society.

Business Model and Orvium Token (ORV) 

Orvium establishes a transparent, comprehensive and competitive business model to obtain and increase revenue while supporting global research. Orvium’s business model is built on the Orvium token (ORV), a new digital cryptocurrency created specifically for the platform.

The different phases of a manuscripts’ and journals’ life cycles, such as manuscript submission, peer review, payments for copyright licenses, research data sharing, journal management, etc., will generate exchanges of ORV between institutions, authors, peer reviewers, journal owners, readers and any social actor involved. This decentralization will unlock the full potential of a new, fair, transparent and competitive market controlled by the entire community, free of biased oligopolies and hidden interests.

Orvium Market Entry Strategy 

Orvium introduces an efficient and simple strategy to overcome market entry barriers. The strategy is based on promoting open and transparent access to scientific knowledge while supporting the required technological evolution. The core of the strategy is described in the following areas of action

•  Break publication cost barriers: The publication process on Orvium allows 
    for a fundamental reduction of publication cost through participation of the 
    community or by defining custom licenses. For instance, helping to improve 
    the quality of the science and/or validating the science through peer review 
    is rewarded in the form of Orvium tokens. Nevertheless, Orvium will support 
    researchers by covering publication associated costs under certain conditions.

•  Improve knowledge dissemination: Currently, public research institutions 
    and universities are publicly rewarded based on the number of papers 
    published in high impact journals, which are mostly private. This leads to the 
    triple-pay loop, while also creating a barrier to open access and limiting the 
    dissemination of knowledge. Orvium will allocate part of its budget to create, 
    promote and leverage Orvium’s publication model. This will help to break the 
    loop and eliminate the barriers while maximizing dissemination.

•  Support research: Orvium will fund research areas with a clear impact on 
    society. The awarding process will be transparent and open to any member 
    of the Orvium community. 

•  Enhance R&D collaboration frameworks: Orvium’s core is formed by 
    leadingedge technologies. Big data analytics, blockchain, smart contracts, 
    and machine learning are rapidly and continuously evolving. The Orvium 
    team is committed to fostering public R&D activities. In this sense, Orvium 
    LTD will have a role in establishing collaboration and funding frameworks for 
    R&D with universities and research institutions. Orvium will also ensure that 
    the results are made publicly available and open source.

•  Open source development: Orvium is committed to open source coding. 
    All the software developed is, and always will be, open source, facilitating 
    the required technology evolution.

Token Model 





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