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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Winstars - We are changing the face of gambling

What is Winstars ? 

Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources, the core is built on Blockchain and smart contracts.

We rely on simple and attractive games designed for anyone, not even a gambler, with transparent and guaranteed honest results.

The goal of the project is to create an international, absolutely transparent gambling operator built on the basis of Ethereum, with the ability to check the history of each bet and game, with attractive affiliate program and the best opportunities to earn on the gambling market. 

Profit from the gambling industry ? 

Main trends and advantages of online gambling industry:

Classic casinos and offline sport bet offices can interact only with local clients as well as tourists arriving to the corresponding city. Online business practices allow scaling and rendering of services globally;

Operational costs for serving online gambling operator and its activities are 

significantlylower than the ones for offline casino, resulting in increasing of 
financial indicators suchas ROI and ROE;

Scalability. Online operator can provide the possibility to play for several thousands of players worldwide. In classic casinos and sport bet offices the number of visitors is limited by the number of seats at the gaming tables;

Convenience and comfort. To make a bet a client does not have to visit casino anymore. All is needed now is a PC or a mobile device, a tablet with access to Internet. A gamer can play at the real tables watching the live-streamed game thanks to the web-camera;

Bureaucratic optimisation. Online gambling operator has no need in interacting with a large number of state authorities and private organizations.

Ways to gain profit with Winstars ? 

How it winstars works ? 


Total Token Supply:     150.000.000 WINS
Pre-ICO:                       22.500.000 WINS
ICO:                              80.500.000 WINS
Pre-ICO Token price:   1 WINS = $0.16
ICO Token price:          1 WINS = $0.20
Pre-ICO soft cap:         $500.000
ICO soft cap:                $5.000.000
Timeline:                      10/05-30/05 - Pre-ICO
                                     03/06-20/07 - ICO
Token Distribution:     69% - Token Sale
                                     10% - Team
                                       8% - Game Fund
                                       8% - Bounty & Referrals
                                       5% - Advisory Board
Budget Allocation:       40% - Platform Development
                                     20% - Marketing
                                     15% - Operational
                                     15% - Referrals & Partners
                                     10% - Reserves






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