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Sunday, September 30, 2018

EUNOMIA TOKEN - Decentralized Marketing Ecosystem

Hello friends, come back with me again Tamrlan ...

Have you ever heard of a decentralized marketing ecosystem ...
I don't think that's a strange thing among blockchain platform user. Okay friends, this time I will invite you all to review a decentralized marketing ecosystem platform. 

EUNOMIA TOKEN is platform Indonesian madein.

EUNOMIA is a decentralized marketing ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, it builds an online marketplace that allows merchants  to tokenize their products, sell it  and promote their products efficiently. We try to help SME’S (UKM) in INDONESIA in order to be able to market its in online, not only in Indonesia but also International.

The following is an explanation ABOUT EUNOMIA TOKEN directly from Funder & Ceo EUNOMIA TOKEN.

For all of you ICO investors, I'm sure the biggest problem for you when investing in an ICO is that it takes a long time for tokens to enter the market, so that your investment funds all stop due to these factors. This time you don't need to worry.

UNOMIA has just been launched on FATBTC on September 29 09.00 AM UTC + 7.

You can make a deposit at FATBTC, because the wallet has been opened.

ENOMIA can immediately listed on the exchanger less than 24 hours after the ICO was closed.  FATBTC is a big market with number 35th in coinmarketcap for the amount of trade volume / day.


Eunomia is a project long term because we have a focus on the global of helping small bussinesses to trade their goods internationally using our platform later. Problem now many people don't know the future of blockchain techonology that will be applied in all fields in the next few years, with that eunomia will help business people so that what they sell will be able to compete internationally withous requiring a lot of cost and easy access using the Eunomia platform.  


In the spirit and helping to implement blockchain techonology into this field we will manage our token ecosystem so that there will not be a technical error in the ecosystem system, everyting will be fund in the detail token we have arranged and allocated tokens so eunomia tokens will gret results that are in accordance with the roadmap we have finished our. platform and started inviting new investor and producers into our platform and working with some of the big platforms that we will update into the next whitepaper. 


There are 3 technical features in it, example; Scalability, Generate With Confidence, Safe. The following are the details of each feature. 

Applications are given a wider variety of ways to be deployed in ENTS Because of its scalability and highly effective Smart Contract. 

Earn With Confidens
We try to provide the best for your convenience  transaction with EUNOMIA TOKEN. 

Your personal data and digital asset transactions are 100% safe with Eunomia Token.

Let's support EUNOMIA TOKEN, if you need more information about EUNOMIA, visit the EUNOMIA TOKEN media link below;





Okay friends, until here review blockchainann first. If have the latest information I will update here.

Thank you for taking the time to see the EUNOMIA TOKEN review of the Blockchain ANN. 


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