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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

ApolloX - Decentralized E-Commerce

Hello friends, come back with me again Tamrlan ...

This time im will review the Decentralized E-Commerce platform.

This time I will review platform that can help make it easier for we all in the future with use decentralized e-commerce services, and can connect us every time we make sales and purchase transactions, such as connecting between seller and buyer.

Evidently, this platform has several large investor.
Like Hofan, Amino Capital, and ForgeLab.

Hofan, Hofan Venture is an early-stage investment company focusing on 

   innovative consumer services. Hofan Venture has unique insights in the new 
   consumer industry chain. Early investor of IOTEX, DXChain, and BOX.features
Amino Capital, Amino Capital is a venture firm based in Palo Alto, focusing on 

   data driven startups, and blockchain powered next generation protocols. 
   Amino is the early investor of DFINITY, OmiseGo, 0x, and many successful 
   blockchain projects.
ForgeLab, ForgeLab is a decentralized blockchain accelerator with nodes in 

   San Francisco, Toronto and Beijing.

The platform is ApolloX 

ApolloX is a decentralized ecosystem connecting buyers and sellers with trust and efficiency, without information silo and commission fees. The ecosystem has three building blocks.

ApolloX platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services on blockchain. ApolloX will use tokenization and decentralization to replace today’s rent-seeking enterprise with a new model of complete shopping protection, data security and minimal commission

Website; https://www.apollox.network/?utm_source=bitcointalkAnn
Whitepaper; https://apollox.network/whitepaper

Medium; https://medium.com/@apolloxnetwork
Bitcointalk; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4650252
Twitter; https://twitter.com/apolloX_network
Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/apolloxnetwork
Telegram; https://t.me/apolloxgroup 

Appolox use cases 

Decentralized Marketplace
   The decentralized marketplace with an unparalleled user experience
Independent Stores
   Powers independent stores with blockchain and the ApolloX network , 

   charging minimal fees and producing intrinsic traffic features
E-Commerce Services
   Service businesses for the sellers and buyers, such as decentralized shopping 

   data exchange and decentralized shopping insurance market

Why Apollox ? 

• Pay excessive commission for endorsement
• Smart Contracts and Community arbitration provides trust at zero cost
• Consumer lose private data. Seller face unfair competition with marketplace 

• Transparent data access control by both consumer and seller
• Platform prioritizes profit over the value of each user’s interest
• Tokenization aligns the incentive between the platform and users and 

   promotes healthy growth

ApolloX platform currently has 1 million users and 15 million annual GMV thanks to its strategic partner ApolloBox. Over 200 global brands and online shops have become members of the ApolloX decentralized marketplace since the announcement of the ApolloX platform. We expect to have more than 1000 stores before the platform’s official launch. This makes ApolloX the world's first decentralized marketplace with 1 million users.

ApolloX Decentralized Marketplace Promises E-Commerce Buyers and Sellers Full Transparency and Lower Fees. One project with the aim of putting the ecommerce industry on the blockchain is ApolloX, which aims to create a blockchain-based ecosystem for all things ecommerce.

Today's e-commerce industry forces sellers to pay anywhere between 25% to 50% of the sale price to gain traffic and trust. Blockchain technology and token economy is a promising solution. By rewarding positive community contributions, ApolloX can reduce the cost of traffic and trust by more than 50% and form a transparent and equal e-commerce environment. Products will be 10% cheaper and you'll never have to worry about scams or disputes when shopping on a new site. This is going to be a revolutionary shift in e-commerce.

Schedul launch AppoloX platform ? 

The ApolloX platform is being created by the team behind Apollo Box, a Silicon Valley based e-commerce company that has over 800 vendors, close to 1M active users in the US and has been featured in prominent publications like BuzzFeed, HuffPost and TechCrunch. Made of individuals from notable schools and companies like MIT, Stanford, Duke, Newell Rubbermaid and Google, the ApolloX team has extensive experience in cross border e-commerce and blockchain infrastructure.

ApolloX has completed their angel round investment and is backed by notable investors Amino Capital and Hofan Group. The ApolloX Token Wallet is now integrated into the Apollo Box app and the ApolloX beta is scheduled to launch in December 2018.  

The economic of ApolloX allow for all interests to be aligned

ApolloX has created an economic model which rightfully incentivises user engagement, while also increasing the overall value of the platform. Users are made aware of their importance on the marketplace, and when they help to increase its value (even through small actions), they are rewarded. This creates a level of togetherness which centralized marketplaces are missing out on.

As an example, buyers on the marketplace can earn APXT tokens by simply setting up an account, filling in their address, and detailing some historical shopping information. As this data helps ApolloX to understand its audience and refine its service, users are rewarded. On centralized platforms users are never reimbursed for their efforts.

Sellers can earn additional APXT tokens too by having best-selling goods. ApolloX wants to encourage sellers to add their best products to the service as it helps to grow the interest of the platform as a whole. Sellers who achieve this are rewarded for their time and work.

Users have a say on big decisions

As ApolloX’s aim is to produce and maintain a thriving and impressive ecosystem, it is paramount that the average user is given the ability to vote on the actions of the platform. Decentralized marketplaces are not run solely by the highest levels of management; everybody gets the opportunity to make important decisions.

ApolloX protocol’s governance design can facilitate the use of large-scale voting. Community members can propose ideas or changes to the system and then cast a vote on what they deem to be best. This boosts the morale of the community as it shows users how valued their opinions are.

The act of voting, as well as the fact that both buyers and sellers being rewarded for their actions, is what separates the ApolloX decentralized marketplace from its competition. Centralized marketplaces have been focusing too heavily on mere profits, while entirely disregarding the need for a strong community. The rift between buyers, sellers, and upper-management is growing larger and larger on centralized platforms, and rather than do something about it, they are continuing to ignore it. ApolloX, on the other hand, is tackling this issue head-on by creating an community which is valued and genuinely appreciated.

Okay friends, until here review blockchainann first. If have  latest information I will update here.

Thank you for taking the time to see the ApolloX review of the Blockchain ANN.


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