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Thursday, January 31, 2019

DATP ★ A Decentralized P2P market with Ethereum network ★


Datp is decentralized Asset Trading Platform. This platform built to conduct transactions using third parties with P2P Smart Contract based Ethereum that use DATP Tokens as transaction fees. Datp was first start developed in q2, 2018 with planning and the establishment of the DATP project team. And in q3, 2018, they start do expansion and development of DATP projects and starting ICO, Airdrop and Selfdrop.

A combination between third parties with P2P Smart Contract to be characteristic from Datp. Where Datp plans to create faster transaction, become the latest innovation transaction securely, trusted, and of course with withdrawal fees that small/cheap. The crosschain protocol utilises using smart contracts implemented on both Ethereum and DATP token. These two blockchains provide two-layer accounting and assets transfer system. Instant and low-fee transactions are fuelled by DATP token. 

The Features  


        Multiple devices
           Access on all devices starting from android, IOS and PC.
        Decentraized price          
           You can apply the price as you like, so you can make a profit.    
        DApps access          
           More manageable transactions with dapps and secured wallet.   
        Secured transaction          
           Transactions are safe because there are cross-transfers on transactions with both parties. 

Like other similar platforms, Datp also always prioritizes security for convenience, the Datp platform do KYC on they platform before making a transaction, as the security of a DATP is as good as the security of smart contracts, this to maximize the security of smart contracts Datp. 

And all accounts in Datp Platform that can make transactions are only accounts that have been verified with KYC with applicable standards. This is a step to improve security between users to be able to transact comfortably.

Datp's Mission 

While the Third Intermediary System has clear advantages over exchang-es in security & fund control, ease of transfer, list of direct tokens, and lower costs, DATP's priority is actually to overcome existing payment methods using ERC-20 / DATP Tokens as third party payments

In Third Party Intermediaries, most of the logic and functional data are carried out and stored on their own servers. Using the DATP Token directly as the main Operation Exchange. However, it was mainly executed by smart contracts that were in the Ethereum decentralized blockchain. There are 4 core components that make up the DATP:    
      Front facing user interface that interacts with the smart contract
      Custom blockchain nodes to log smart contract events and interactions 
      Off-chain order history database and API 
      Broker smart contract 

To invite more potential investors, we develop a management platform as an intermediary for third party transactions. Use our own Tokens as transaction fees, for third-party exchanges to become DATP Tokens, direct purchases and crypto currency ex-changes, portfolio managers, and more. The platform accompa-nied by Third Intermediate System will offer a user experience of feature works that will help generate profit fluctuations in the ex-change rates of various currencies simultaneously.

• DATP Token

Name : Decentralized Asset Trading Platform
Symbol : DATP
Decimal : 8
Contract : 0x813b428af3920226e059b68a62e4c04933d4ea7a
Initial Supply : 25,000,000,000 DATP
Today Supply : 15,000,000,000 DATP
Standart : Ethereum Standart Token (ERC20).


• Market DATP


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• Author

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