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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Empirehotels "Easiery For Book a Room, Check-in/Check-out"

Along with the development of the digital world, is including in the cryptocurrency industry, make many company compete creating unique, innovative and creative concepts. Included in the field of lodging (Hotel), as Empirehotels. 

Empirehotels is the ultimate platform for users to book both rooms and experiences across the globe. Empirehotels platform provides an easy way to check-in/check-out and is fully prepared for the future of room automation.

Simple, easy, and fun.
Users can browse for hotels and experiences nearby. They can place bookings using both fiat and Empirecash our digital asset.
Truly empowering hotels. 
Even though there are no fees for the registration, a small fee the smallest on the market is added to each transaction in order to make the platform viable. Affordable fees for owners; lower prices for users.

Empirehotels was first developed in November 2017, with the First Draft Idea. The first idea for the app and the platform was designed. Even though this idea has changed over time, it was in November 2017 that team first discussed the development of this project. And in March 2018 they start development Smart Contract Design. The smart-contract development and audit is a crucial stage in the process of an ICO. During this stage, the crypto-economics, figures, and supply were defined. 

How Does it Work?

Empirehotels is creating a mobile app which offers features such as checking in and out, spending bill updates, room temperature control, hot-tub heating and more – with the aim of increasing efficiency in spite of cultural or language differences. Empirehotels developers took care of every little step during the app development process. The team want to give the best experience to our users.

Hotel owners install the app and add their properties to the platform. By doing so, they become available for business immediately. It's as simple as that.


Empirehotels Location and Token 

Empirehotels is located in London, United Kingdom.

There is a total of 367,200,000 Empirecash tokens issued, ≈85% of which (or 312,000,000) will be available for sale. The smart contract does not allow for the issuance of additional tokens.

Empirecash is a payment token, that is used as a medium of exchange between service providers and customers within the Empirehotels platform. It can be purchased at the token sale at, which starts in February 2019. The base price per Empirecash is 1/7800 ETH (≈0.000128205 ETH). Early participants of the Token Sale are eligible to receive a bonus

Empirecash tokens can be purchased using ETH, BTC or LTC. Regardless of which currency is used, each Token Sale participant must have an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with the ERC20 protocol, which will be used to deposit the Empire tokens.



Because of the brilliant idea of ​​the developer Emiprehotels, they succeeded to lure several company to partner with Empirehotles. Among others are :

SmartCash, goldfingr, and Coincierge Club ...

                     "SmartCash is a community governance, cooperation & growth 
                      focused blockchain based currency & a decentralized economy.  
                      Goldfingr is The 1st Digitized Deal Club & Mastermind Network 
                      Integrating Investing, Networking, & Entertainment  
                      The Coincierge Suite : Crypto | Application | Point of Sale | Club 
                      |  Wallet | Pro"

Empirehotels presence received positive attention, by forming this partner, this could help improve Empirehotels rating.

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