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Monday, February 18, 2019

Rento "Global Sharing App"


Most people will wonder what it's Rento? Global Sharing Application, what does it mean?
Rento is a sharing economy platform for individuals and companies who want to take part in a trend of swaping term 'own' for 'rent'. No matter what type of item or service you want to find or offer, Rento enables you to do it quickly and conveniently. With Rento, you save money, space and time. Anything you want at your fingertips.

What profit of does Rento have? 

Rento creates an ecosystem for the development of sharing economy. Not only can you reduce consumption, but also profit from sharing unused things you already own. At Rento take care of our investors. By producing cutting edge blockchain technology for securing transactions between users, we create demand for Rento token. While using our blockchain will be optional on our app, it is safe to assume that more users we have the more our token will be worth. 

Rento Platform Features.

Rento app aims to expand the sharing economy beyond transportation, real estate and hospitality. It allows users to rent unlimited variety of things such as real estate, office space, hardware tools, electrical equipment, construction equipment, cameras and everything else that one may need or want to rent 

Features for platform users :

              Listing page: the listing page shows all the products and services available for rent 
                 on the platform. It’s designed in a way that user can quickly scroll through 
                 different listings and find interesting content. 
              Search engine: Rento app comes with a advanced search functionality that allows 
                 users to browse multiple categories, filter results based on different criteria or 
                 search by location to show relevant results. 
              Booking calendar: every listing of a product or a service in Rento includes booking 
                 calendar which is constantly updated according to users activity in the app. Users 
                 can request booking of a listing depending on its current availability. 
              Feedback: Rento has a complex feedback system which allows users to rate the 
                 listings and users depending on their experience. These reviews later reflect users 
                 ratings. Rento utilizes blockchain technology to limit feedback manipulation on its 

Features for listing owners :

              Active listings: listing owners can find all their listings in a single location. 
                 Additionally, they can manage the history of all rental transactions they receive 
                 and view the booking calendar for their listings which updates as other users 
                 make bookings. 
          • Listing/Advertisement packages: users who want to list their things or services can 
                 buy RentoPoints which are used to purchase listing display in the app. Every new 
                 user will receive a complimentary RentoPoints gift after completing the 
                 registration. Rento plans to introduce a variety of premium listing options and 
                 unobtrusive advertising after 2020.
          Customer insights: Rento plans to introduce customer insights feature for listing 
                 owners, allowing them to understand customer behavior, renting preferences and 
                 other relevant parameters to grow their business.



The Rento Platform has blockchain technology at its core. Rento will create its own blockchain to facilitate customized technology implementations and authority. 

Rento plans to implement a PoA consensus algorithm, which operates through a reputation-based consensus mechanism. In PoA blockchains, pre-approved validators stake their identity, and they are responsible for validating transactions throughout the network. These validators are incentivized for maintaining honest nodes. 

Rento recommends MyEtherWallet and eBit system to receive Rento Tokens during the Token Sale event. It is important to note that Rento is an ERC20 compatible token, which means sale participants can use other ERC20 compatible wallets, including Trust, Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Metamask, Coinomi, Parity, and Mist. 

About Rento! 

Rento is creating a software solution for individuals and businesses to share items and services that, until now, needed to be purchased. The Rento solution is based on the increasing “sharing economy” market, but rather than focus on one vertical, Rento is providing a complete solution, including smart contracts, for anyone to rent or borrow any item or service. In the same way that e-commerce sites such as eBay do not limit themselves to one type of item, Rento is providing the sharing economy marketplace. Rento is leveraging blockchain technology for the smart con-tracts that ensure trust throughout the system.

The concept of sharing economy is built around the use of economic resources to their fullest potential, and that is exactly what Rento is aiming to accomplish. Rento proposes a mobile ap-plication (and web platform) that allows users to list their unused assets for renting or sharing on its Platform. Every listing on Rento includes the key aspects of the asset or resource, such as its rental cost, availability schedule, images or video of the actual item, specifications, and terms and conditions specific to the asset.

Rento proposes multiple products and services segments, with its initial focus on businesses and service providers to populate the Platform with a large stock of available resources, ensur-ing that the Platform initially has enough inventory for consumers to find it appealing. Rento will be launching with primary listing segments such as household items like lawn mowers or snow blowers, through more commercial offerings such as shared offices and conferencing facilities, construction equipment, parking spaces, and even underutilized human resources. In addition to developing a sharing platform, Rento plans to set up at least one bricks-and-mortar rental store as a proof of concept for its sharing ecosystem.  

Rento Tokens. 

The Rento Token is designed for release on cryptocurrency exchanges. While the initial Rento Token is based on ERC 20, the Company plans to transfer Rento onto a PoA Blockchain. While all transactions within the Rento App will be based on smart contracts and it will be possible to make transactions and security deposits in all currencies (crypto and fiat), the fee for smart con-tracts and transactions will be payable in Rento Tokens only.

Token name : Rento
Ticker Symbol : RTO
Start of public sale : 10/16/2018
End of public sale : 1/31/2018 (2/28/2018 optional)
Total supply : 600,000,000 RTO
Decimal places : 8
Token standard : ERC-20
Network base : Ethereum Network
Tokens for sale : 264,000,000
Owners tokens : 305,000,000
Bounty tokens : 6,000,000
Tokens for team and advisors : 25,000,000
Price range for token sale : $0.01 - $0.12
Source code :  Rento-rto-erc20-token 

Rento is positioning itself as a prime sharing platform for smartphone users. Considering the ubiquitous smartphone penetration in Europe, especially Western Europe, this holds the right demographic mix for Rento’s launch.   


Rento is led by 2 great people, namely:

"Mariusz Bułka" - Experienced entrepreneur with a solid track record in real estate and distribution of consumer goods across Europe, North America and Asia.

"Andrzej Laszczuk" -  Lawyer and new technologies enthusiast. Before dedicating his time to RENTO Andrzej has led successful web design and branding agency.
The together with the ranks of other great people.

Supported by media the reviews big such as ICO Rated, ICO Holder, Tract ICO Rating, etc. That makes Rento more confident with the concept they are structuring.


If you are interested and want more information, click the link below!



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